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We Double Clean

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning experts will spray your carpets with cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt and any ground in stains. Then we use the latest powerful carpet cleaning hot water extraction equipment to Deep Steam Clean your carpets and upholstery until the water comes back clean. This process removes the grit from the base of the pile that causes carpets to wear out, having them cleaned in this way every few years has been shown to double the life of carpets. Then and only then do you know that we have done the best job possible.

If We Don’t Live Up To Your Expectations

You will get your money back. That’s right if your not happy with our Carpet Cleaning we will give you a FREE RE-CLEAN and if your still not happy with the results and you think a better job could have been done then WE WILL GIVE  YOU A FULL REFUND GUARANTEED. For further details check out our Carpet Cleaning Guarantee then go to our Prices Page to see some of the best quotes available online.

Carpets Dry In 2 - 4 Hours

Usually most carpets are dry enough to walk on with in door shoes as soon as we have finished cleaning. Its not a good idea to walk on a damp carpet with shoes that have just been outside as the cleaning solution may well clean the dirt off your shoes onto the clean carpet. The longer the pile the longer a carpet will take to dry also carpets dry quicker on a sunny day than a damp one.



If Your Not Sure Whether Our Carpet Cleaners Will Cover Your Address Feel Free To Check For Your Post Code Or Area To Confirm That Our Carpet Cleaning Service Is Available In Your Area


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